Sunday, 3 February 2013

Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream: Worst Product Ever? | Review

I've been gone. It's been a while. I have one word: Dissertation. (Two words: KILL ME!!)

Since I've not been sharing my love for beauty products on this piece of the web before, I thought I'd get back into the flow by writing about a product I truly HATE. (Maybe I'm just a negative nelly, but I love hearing about things that people hate. Plus, the more dangerous thing about reading blogs is wanting to buy everything you see. Sometimes it's nice to save money knowing what NOT to buy)

I have never been offended so much by a product in my life, much less an eye cream. I physically shudder to think about applying it again.

If you've come to this page from google because you were looking to this as a possible eye cream in your skin care arsenal, let me stop you there. Turn around. Forget it. This is not for you! How do I know? Read on..

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh. If you want a pasty, thick eye cream which dries your skin out and also manages to stay white on your skin- you will LOVE this. For the rest of us who look for qualities such as moisturising, comfortable etc. this is not for us.

The only thing I can compare this to is a high factor sun cream. You know the ones that no matter how much you rub them in, you still get a white caste? That is what this does. It's not a good look having two white eyes.

I TRIED to put makeup on top.. and I thought I'd got away with it. Two hours later, in the middle of town, I saw myself in the mirror. My under eye area looked like it was crumbling away. My skin is dry, and occasionally flakey. But this was a whole new level. 

This only costs £2.99, and in my opinion this still makes it incredibly over priced. You couldn't pay me £10 to finish this tube (honestly- I'm a student. I like money. But no experience this unpleasant is worth a tenner).

A quick run down:

Packaging: For £2.99, about what you expect. A bit boring.. but it is an eye cream. Prefer it in a tube to a tub, so thumbs up for that.

Formula: Umm, thick, pasty, drying. Generally unpleasant.

Application: TERRIBLE. In the pictures above, I had to rub it into my hand quite a bit, and was still left with whiteness. Under your eyes, that isn't going to be a good thing. Delicate skin!!! The packaging even says to tap gently to apply it. If you use this eye cream everyday, you will get wrinkles. You need to tug at your eyes for a good couple of minutes to get this to sink in at all, and who wants to do that?

Bottom line. Do not buy.

Has anybody reading this tried it? Did you actually.. like it? I'd be interested to know. I've read some other review and they're all pretty negative.

P.S. I really like all of the other Superdrug Vitamin E range. I own the moisturisers, oil, cleanser, exfoliator etc. so I thought the eye cream would be good.. what a disappointment.

P.P.S. I'm hoping to come back with one blog entry a week for the next month or so.