Friday, 6 July 2012

Make Your Own Hair Mask

Hair masks and treatments are very popular products. They can cost as little as a couple of pounds, rising up to over forty pounds, and maybe beyond that. I've never been completely sold on the fact that they do more for your hair than normal conditioners, but I have a cupboard full of them anyway and love using them.

If you're buying these masks on the high street, or even from salons, chances are they've got a bunch of horrible chemicals in that can damage your hair. I'm not saying you should avoid all of these chemicals on a daily basis because, honestly, who can do that? But I thought I'd share with you a mask I make at home which is free of these chemicals, and contains a lot more nutritious qualities to boot. AND IT'S CHEAP (free if you can take it from your parents' cupboard)!

Egg, Honey and Olive Oil Mask

You will need: One egg, some Olive Oil, some Honey.

Instructions (ha): Crack an egg, maybe avoid getting the shell in, or not.. crunchy hair mask anyone? Pour in some Olive Oil and Honey (preferably the runny kind.. the solid stuff may make life difficult) and stir together. Ta da, you are done. This was obviously super challenging so you should now take a break and relax :)

After that relaxing break, apply it to your hair. I tend to avoid my roots if I've added olive oil because I don't want to risk my hair being greasy after I've washed it. I just dip my hair in the bowl of it, run it through with my fingers a bit and then tie it up. Then continue to relax. Now would not be a good time to leave the house and do things in public, the egg might smell. Keep social interaction to a minimum at this point. 

I do one of these once a week or so and leave it on my hair for twenty minutes to an hour. The longer it's on your hair the more good stuff it can do to it I suppose?

Then wash it out with shampoo and condition as normal. Simple stuff.

What do these ingredients do for your hair?

Egg: Full of protein and nutrients, both of which your hair needs and likes. Keep the yolk in as that has fats and more protein and nutrients in, meaning more benefit for your hair. Warning: When using egg, try to use very cool water to wash it out of your hair, warm water will cook the egg (GROSS!) and you'll be left with white bits of egg. I know this from experience but it was pretty easy to wash out of my hair. But still, avoid cooking egg in your hair! Leave it for the frying pan.

Honey: Adds shine to your hair! Honey has been used to treat wounds by different groups of people, and some people think it can also help repair hair. I definitely notice a lot of shine when I put honey on my hair.. well, once I've washed it out.

Olive Oil: According to LiveStrong, Olive Oil has many benefits for your hair- from adding softness and shine, increasing manageability to preventing split ends. Wonderful stuff!

These are just the three ingredients I use on a regular basis because they're easily accessibly in my cupboard, but you could use just one or two of these or add other things like avocado, yogurt or lemon juice.

So if you're bored, your hair is feeling dull, you can't afford a hair treatment or mask, or maybe if you just feel like throwing together different ingredients and shoving them on your head instead of eating them, this could be the solution to your problems.

Do you ever make your own beauty treatments at home? Let me know. I love trying out new things that I can make at home!


  1. Ah, these look so good! I'm definitely trying out one when I'm back from holidy :) Thank you for the recipe!
    rach xxx

    1. It's soooo good. I mean,having egg on your head is gross. But afterwards! Have fun on holiday x

  2. Great post. This looks so easy but beneficial to do! Love how cheap it is too :) xx

    1. So cheap :D I love it when you buy an expensive thing with nice packaging and it feels all fancy.. But it's always good to do things that are cheap/free too! X

  3. I hope to try this soon, thnx! I have a hair mask i recently bought from, Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask, it has worked really well so far, so just putting it out there!

    1. Sounds good. Glad it's working well for you. I'll have to check it out! X

  4. I've been wanting to try this for a while now!
    Sophie, x


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