Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Primark Angelica Nail Colour in 'Tantrum' | Review

Pictures taken two days after application, with two coats. Excuse my cuticles.

I'm no nail polish snob. But I did once try one from Primark and it was absolutely vile.

The other day though a stand caught my eye, which in my peripheral vision looked like an Essie stand. 

I wanted something a little different and 'Tantrum' stood out to me amongst the billions of other beautiful colours.

I would describe it as a purple/gold oil spill with fine glitter.. If that's an adequate description.

Really nice. The white top looks a little cheap and I think if it was black it would look a lot nicer. But it still looks good. The writing is directly on the bottle and not just on some cheap sticker so I think it feels and looks like it came from somewhere a bit posher than Primarni.

Very nice. Two coats and it was opaque. It also dried in a reasonably good amount of time.

 HORRIBLE! This is the only thing which lets the product down. It's too big and .. 'Floppy' so it's a bit tricky to apply. But it's not unusable.

Luuurve it. I think it's quite unique. It reminds me a little of O.P.I.'s 'The World is Not Enough' but, you know, purple. I've also layered a coat of this on top of some dark nail polishes and it looks rather lovely.

The same as usual for me. 2-3 days without chipping. So not bad.

Colour selection: 
Brilliant. They had a great selection of glitters, duochromes etc. and lots of dupes of much expensive brands (I spotted a dupe for Model's Own 'Indian Ocean')

I'm really pleased I picked this up and think I'll be donning my nails with it a lot this Autumn/Winter. Have you tried anything from this line?

Price: £2.50


  1. This is gorgeous! I'm really into duochromes at the moment..if only my primark stocked these! xx

    1. I love duochromes too! I got this in a pretty big primark, so I'm guessing it might just be in those? Hopefully they'll get into more though as they have a great selection. x


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