Monday, 13 August 2012

Six Months of Glossybox | My thoughts

I've never reviewed individual glossyboxes because there are plenty of places you can read about that, by people more eloquent than myself.

However, I have just finished my six month subscription with them, so thought I would round up my thoughts on the service. I think I'm in a good place to sum up the service; I've had good boxes, bad boxes and a few run-ins with their customer service. Hopefully this will be useful if you're considering subscribing to glossybox, or maybe sample boxes in general. 

First off, I didn't pay full price. There was an offer on for a half price box and I used the code to sign up for a six month subscription, which meant all my boxes were half price. In total it was around £47 for six boxes.

Because I got them for half price, my view is probably tainted. I know if I'd been paying £10 plus postage and packaging each month, I probably wouldn't have been very impressed.

VERY hit and miss. One month I got the brilliant Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara which has possibly become by HG mascara (and by the magic of technology, you can click HERE to read my review on it), but on other occasions I've gotten terrible products. One which stands out is the awful Glossybox Brush which they claimed was worth £15. Who are they kidding? It was also pretty boring to get a shower gel each month. I hate to say it, but I haven't used many of the products I've got in the boxes. Eek!

Occasionally you get a full sized item, not just a sample. One of my full sized products however, was a £3.99 antibacterial handwash. Luxury items? I think no. On other occasions, an item is a perfume sample. I have been given free perfume samples in department stores on many occasions without buying anything so.. that's not very impressive.

If you check their facebook page, they seem to be pretty lousy. They seem to simply leave generic responses to people and aren't very useful at resolving things. My July box wasn't actually sent to me, until I emailed them, then they apologised and said they'd sent one out. That isn't the type of service I expect from such a big brand.

Value for money:
Most months I got great value for money, with some of my boxes being worth over £40. As I was spaying £5 plus postage and packaging, I thought that was great. But if you don't like what you get in your box, the value doesn't really matter.

So, what am I trying to say? If you like a surprise each month (maybe a bad one) then this is probably a great service for you. It's very exciting when you wait for your box each month, but when you get a pile of crap, it dampens the excitement somewhat. 
It's also important to remember that you can buy a box after they've been sent out. If you've read blog posts on them and think 'I wish I'd signed up' you can still go and sign up and get that box, and then cancel your subscription. Of course, boxes vary, but if you've seen the selection of the boxes online and would be happy with any one of them, then go for it. 
If you see a discount online for a half price box, then go for it. You're always going to get a value higher than what you paid.. but it might not be products you'd want anyway!

For now, my relationship with glossybox is over. If I see a dramatic improvement in their boxes, I might go back. I did want to try Carmine as each box looked great.. but glossybox bought them out. Sad face. With the £47 I spent on six month's of glossybox, I could have bought something really luxurious from Chanel. But would I prefer that, or a bit of excitement each month, and a couple of really great items? Aaah, I don't know!

I know a lot of you get Glossybox, so what do you think of it?


  1. I agree so much with this review! GlossyBox seriously need to up their game!!

    1. Aaah phew. I thought I might have been a little harsh (even though it's my opinion), but I think a lot of people feel a bit iffy about them! x

  2. I blogged about Glossybox back in March (I think) and how appalling their customer service was- and then how mindboggling it was that their main competitor (Carmine) merged with them! I find it interesting to read all the reviews- they do seem to have continued with a hit and miss approach, which is pretty rubbish. At least you got a bit of bargain with the 50% off though!

    1. I'll go and check out your blog post. Their customer services are pretty appalling. Sounds like I'm totally bitching on them, but I definitely think it's a fair comment to make. When i think back to the first box when people received a NARS sample I'm like "What happened?" Hopefully they'll pull themselves together soon because I do think they have the ability to provide a great service! x

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  4. I used to be a subscriber but they started sending thing that the had sent in previous boxes and products half full, and when I complained the costumer service was awful. I'm now subscribed to Joliebox UK and I love it!

    1. Glad youve found an alternative that you love. Their customer service is pretty shoddy! X

  5. After the past 3 glossybox's being complete disappointments for me...and I actually always get the 'good' products, I've had enough. The eyeshadow palette in the August box was the icing on the cake as to why I should end my's like a 3 euro palette which is just awful!!!! I really did feel rage yesterday when I opened it.

    If you find a better beauty box then i'd love to know your opinions, I love the idea of a present every month, but not when it is so disappointing.

    Lauren Victoria x

    1. That's disappointing. And yes, I saw that palette. It looked really bad. What were they thinking? And yes, getting a present each month is always exciting. Hope your next box is better if you continue your subscription x

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