Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What's in my (summer*) bag?

  *Summer, where are you?    
There'll probably be a few of these posts because I change bags/what I carry all the time. But this post is accurate of today!

This bag is a Louis Vuitton Speedy... 35? Or 25? I can't remember. I've had it since I was 18 so the details are missing from my mind. But it's a decent summer bag. It's small and compact. It's quite narrow but deep which sometimes makes finding things difficult and it has no pockets. But other than that, I like using it.

So, in no particular order, because apparently too untidy to assemble the products into some sort of discernible pile, here's a list of what is in my bag:

-Orange Tangle Teezer
-Pink Radley Purse
-Ipod Touch
-Blackberry 8900 (literally had this thing for over three years so definitely upgrading SOON)
-Simple Sun-Kissed Moisture Cream
-Miss Dior perfume sample
-Hotel Chocolat leaflet (weird)
-'Ted' cinema ticket
-A.B.S. By Allen Schwarz Sunglasses
-Makeup bag, a waterproof  bag which came in a gift set from 'Sanctuary':
                          -Nail scissors- for cutting nails, not people
                          -Tweezerman Tweezers
                          -L'oreal SPF 50 face/chest/hand cream
                          -Travalo (with 'Flowerbomb' from Viktor and Rolf in)
                          -Blistex lipbalm
                          -Oral B Floss
                          -Neom Organic Hand Cream in Morrocan Blush Rose
                          -Primark hair ties
                          -Boots nail file
                          -Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel
                          -Tester of Estee Lauder's 'Invisible Fluid Makeup' (weird)
                          -Dr Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray

The only thing I'm missing is a mirror. Seems like a pretty major thing. And i swear it's usually in there.. eek!


  1. OMG that bag is amazing! I need it haha I want! And you can fit so much in it too:D xx

    1. Hahha. I was a itdisturbed when I emptied it all out and saw how much I had crammed into it. X

  2. I love this all! The bag is beaut, and I really want one of those brushes!! If you got it when you were 18 how old are you now? :)
    rach xxx

    1. They are amazing brushes! I'm 21 now, sink guessing got it 3 and a half years ago. Feels like ages ago I was 18 :( x

  3. You bag is absolutely gorgeous!! One day I will own a Louie ;) xx

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    1. Thank you. And ee, I know the feeling. Designer bags are just too exciting for me. I'll definitely check out your giveaway x


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