Thursday, 4 October 2012


Because I've been such a crap blogger of late (damn you, dissertation) I thought I'd do a haul. Personally I love checking out other people's hauls, but if you don't, I'm sorry.

As a twist I'm going to show you everything I bought.. even the super boring items (except my salad from M&S, but only because I've eaten it).

-Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Pink Gold'- First off, I really wish they'd change the name to 'colour tattoo.' Since they go to the effort to changing the shade name from the American one, I'd really like if they'd take the time to add in the 'u'. Am I being unreasonable? Anyway, I own three other colours, so I  picked up this one because it was shiny and new. I love it. It's just like 'Sin' from Urban Decay which is  one of my favourite eyeshadows. Yay! £4.99
-Real Techniques Blush Brush- After reading Fiona's brush post, I decided to grab one too. I've needed a new blush brush for a while, and didn't quite want to spend over £20 on a MAC or Japonesque one. This is so soft. Mmm. £9.99
-Macadamia Natural Oil Masque- I have wanted this for SO long. I don't know why. It's probably no different from cheaper ones which I own. Also.. Argan Oil is above Macadamia Oil in the ingredients. I feel like this is false advertising? Anyway, when I saw it in TK Maxx for £15 I snapped it up. It smells so good. And looks so pretty.
-Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- I've actually gone back to using powders recently, but hesitantly. I know this one is supposed to be amazing, and since it only costs £3.99, I thought why not? In fact, it was free because it's 3 for 2 in Boots.  The colour is 001 Transparent.
-Free BeneFit 'Sun Beam' in InStyle- I don't need this. I've never even wanted to try Moon beam. I'm pale and it's not summer, I don't think it will suit me. So obviously I picked it up. £2.50
-Mitchum Anti-Persperant- Umm.. everybody sweats? But nobody likes to smell... These smell good! 2 for £4
-Johnson's cotton buds- I cannot live without these. I constantly make makeup mistakes and these save my life. I refuse to use anything other than Johnson's because these are so strong and sturdy. I am a cotton bud snob. To me, these are luxury cotton buds. Can you get actual luxury ones? I don't think I'd be willing to buy them. These cost me 55p each, I got two.

So.. some exciting (well I think so) things, and some boring things.

I'm going to be popping my empties post cherry next. EXCITED.


  1. Great post :) xx

  2. Looove everything you got! I really need to pick up some more Real Techniques brushes, they're amazing! :) x

    1. Aah I know. I've been so impressed with them. Definitely loving this blush brush x

  3. I love those macadamia products :) They smell gorge! I really wanna try out the stay matte powder! xx

    1. Yeees, the smell is so good. i I keep opening it just to get a wiff. Ha! So far I'm impressed with the stay matte powder, and I have dry skin so always worry about it looking cakey and clinging to dry patches, but it doesn't. And my flatmate who has oily skin loves it too. So I guess it's an all round winner?x

  4. Haha, I love your posts. You get so much of your personality through your writing! :D Glad to see you blogging and thank you for commenting on my posts! I'm quite jell of multiple items in this blog even your deoderants as I need to go buy more and the sofa seems a lot comfier than walking to a shop right now. I spelt deoderant incorrectly but hey ho, this is a loving community so I expect no judging just because I don't understand how it is spelt. I am completely the same as you with random impulse buying of things I really shouldn't get. Silly us. What a Rachael thing.

    rach xxx

    1. Aww. Thanks for such a loving comment! And don't worry, no judging on spelling here. Too much of that at uni. S glad to be back blogging and reading everyone else's blogs :) x

  5. I've just stumbled upon your blog and it appears we have a lot of favourites in common! I'm loving my real techniques brushes and love how long eyeshadows last with the color (ugh) tattoos underneath.

    Can't wait to
    Char x


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