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Boots Botanic Rosewater Toning Spritz | Review

Ever since the Caudalie beauty elixir has been talked about 24/7, my interest in the idea of the product has confused me but also grabbed my attention massively. So last week when I was scouring boots for my last thing in the '3 for 2' skincare offer, I came across this. 

Boots Botanics used to sell a Rosewater Toner, which according to their website is no longer available. That product has lots of good reviews on Boots' own website and makeupalley. So I'm assuming this is a repackaged version, as a spray? 

I really like the packaging. It is plastic so completely safe to carry around in your bag. And I like the white on green, it looks refreshing and summery. At 150ml this is bigger than most products you might like to carry around with you but it should easily fit in your bag. Or, maybe you just want it for at home. If so, I don't think the size will prove too difficult in finding it a home. 
What it claims: 'Enliven your senses and refresh your skin with this revitalising organic Rosewater Toner. Spritz generously after cleansing to visibly tighten pores and remove the last traces of makeup. Skin feel smoother, fresher and prepared for moisturising.'

This product confuses me slightly because of the directions, which read

'With eyes closed spritz generously over face and neck after cleansing, wipe away with cotton wool.'

Most toners I've used I simply apply with a cotton wool and leave on, but this one says you should wipe it away. 

The way I use it is to simply spray this on my face to cool me down when I'm hot. I don't wipe away but I  can't tell you if maybe I should as I've only been using it for a few days. So far, nothing bad has appeared on my skin as a result.

I really like using it because I love Rosewater and the smell of rose. I cannot get enough of the smell. It is seriously addictive. However, if you're not a fan- and it can be quite sickly- don't even bother. You will hate this. 

So, what does this product contain? (skip ahead if this stuff bores you) The first ingredient is that old classic- aqua! This is followed by Alcohol Denat, which according to the packaging is an 'organic certified ingredient.' Alcohol denat is denatured alcohol, which means something has been added to it to make it taste bad.  Lovely. According to Alcohol Denat  '[functions] as antifoaming agents, cosmetic astringents, solvents and viscosity decreasing agents.' The third ingredient is Glycerin, another organically certified ingredient. Fourth on the list comes 'Rosa damasca flower oil' which is again organically certified. So, this is the fourth product down. This isn't really a Rosewater Spritz but a water and alcohol spritz. Fifth and finally we have Citronellol, a flavouring ingredient which is used to replicate the scent of rose. So this means that not all (or any?) of the smell of rose comes from Rosewater, but instead from a flavouring added to the product. 

The ingredient list of this product does not seem to be harmful but I do worry about the alcohol being the second ingredient and therefore drying out skin (maybe this is why you should remove it?). The fact that the named element of this product, Rosewater, is fourth on the list it a little irritating, but you will find that with pretty much every product on the market. Take the old favourite Argan Oil for example- you will struggle to find that in the top ten ingredients of many products. 

I like that there are only five ingredients in the product as I'm always a little concerned when I look at a list of twenty different chemicals. So it gets bonus points from me for that, but I do wish the Rosewater was a little higher up. Because essentially we are mainly sprtizing our faces with water and alcohol when we use this product. All of the magical skin care benefits are supposed to be from the Rosewater, so let's hope that can overcome it's more prominent counterparts.

For those interested, this product is formulated without parabens and people tested. Both good things. 

Wow, what a ramble. This was literally supposed to be a post of two of three lines and has turned into a beast. Apologies. Anyway, I enjoy using this product in the really warm weather as it is cooling and refreshing. It is supposed to 'remove the last traces' of makeup so I'm not sure that it could be considered a dupe of the Caudalie beauty elixir, as many use that to 'fix' their makeup throughout the day. But if you want a refreshing mist throughout the day for a lot cheaper price (and you like the smell of rose!) this is a good product to have.

Size: 150 ml
Available: Boots, £3.99 or £4.99. I cannot find it on the website (strange) to double check, but I'm leaning more towards it being £3.99. Also, as it is 3 for 2 in boots you could maybe get it for free.

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