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'Skin, Hair, Nails' Vitamins | Review

About six months ago I began a dedicated quest for long hair (blog post to come). Six months later I am pleased with my hair growth. One of the factors I put this down to is the use of these vitamins.

Before I read about them a little bit, I never would have thought vitamins could make a difference. I've never believed in 'miracle' pills for anything. But after seeing some positive reviews and seeing them at half price- OK, that was the main reason- I decided to give it a go. If the worst came to the worst and they didn't do anything, I would still be getting a vitamin boost, so why not?

Scientific stuff: I am obviously not a scientist/nutritionist/person who knows anything about these sorts of things- although I've learned that when it comes to beauty products, it would be very useful to be one- so my knowledge of the ingredients is based solely upon what google offers up. One of the vitamins present in the product if biotin. Bioton deficiency can lead to hair loss and poorly nails. Not good. So, by that logic.. more biotin could possibly do the opposite and promote hair growth?

Although I bought the product to help my hair, it is difficult to measure hair growth accurately. I have however, noticed a massive difference in my nails. Thankfully nails are a lot easier to notice growing. My nails are now incredibly long and strong. Longer and stronger than they ever have been before in my life. The only explanation for this rapid improvement in my nails is these tablets. Saying that, my nails were never terrible before, but they are definitely a lot better now. Because of the noticeable improvements in my nails, and just assuming that because they're both protein and therefore hair and nails are the same, I am just going to jump to the conclusion that it is probably doing something good to my hair too! My hair does seem to have been growing quicker than usual, but my hair routine changed dramatically and so it could really have been an array of different factors causing this. However, if you are wanting to strengthen and grow your nails, this 100% works for me... and I'm pretty sure it worked for my hair too.

As for skin, I haven't noticed a difference. In fact, a lot of people report break outs after an increase in biotin consumption, but this can apparently be balanced out by staying properly hydrated. I haven't experienced these adverse effects, but my skin hasn't visibly improved either.

There are downsides to taking the product however. For one they STINK! Ugh. I used to gag when smelling them. But it is a similar yeasty smell that a lot of vitamin products have. Not good. The other issue is having to take them THREE TIMES A DAY. That is a lot, and easy to forget to do. The pills are quite big and if you have a problem swallowing pills, you are not going to relish swallowing three of these a day.

After using these for six months and getting through quite a few packs, I definitely feel like they're making a difference and certainly recommend them! If you're trying to grow your hair, maybe give these a go for a couple of months and see what you think. You are not going to wake up with long locks over night, but perhaps they'll help your hair reach its optimum growth rate. 

Where to buy: Holland & Barrett, price: 60 caplets, £7.69. But pretty much always half price. 

They're quite big..


  1. A friend recommended these to me a while ago as I have really weak nails, but looking at the size of them I think I'll have to give them a miss! I'm a bit hopeless with tablets, anything larger than a paracetamol and the panic sets in! Glad they have worked for you though :). xXx

    1. If you're not good with pills.. these definitely won't be up your street. It's quite annoying really, because I'm fine with them but I even hate taking them, especially three times a day! Maybe there's another supplement out there which could help your nails? Hopefully a little bit smaller. I used to use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and I think that helped them quite bit. x

  2. I take them there brilliant oh even tho it says to take 3 a day u don't need to you can take 1 because most of the vitamins in them the RDA is above 100% which is ur bodys daily allowance so after that u are just sorry to be rude but pooping them back out so acctually better off taking one and the ones that are in all cheap vitamins if then helps with taking them not as reg and my skin and nails are better than ever and hair . Plus tablets last longer a lot longer so cheaper on the bank balance mine last for months

    1. That's interesting to learn. It's such a pain taking them 3X a day! And I agree, they are brilliant! X

  3. Hi,

    In fact I used this vitamins for a period of 3 months, and now I am suffering from an increase in weight. and i don't know why i get that weight.
    The biggest problem fixed weight.. before i used i was 67K, after 3 months used i be come 90K!! and after i stoped to use everything back like before except my weight. i wish to know what happend with this vitamins and my body.

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  5. my friend recommended this vitamin to me but am trying to lose weight too are they alright to take them then if you gaining weight????

  6. I have been taking Hair skin and nail vitamin for 12 weeks now and they have proven to be effective as my nails are now better and healthier.

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  10. just started having this tablet and am already tired of opening the cap as the bottle is so tightly packed and the cap is almost impossible for me to open... and moreover the tablet tend to fall out of the bottle when i open it..

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