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Tanning Routine | Mini Reviews

I've always wanted to be a person who manages to stay on top of a routine ensuring that I am always sun-kissed and glowing. This never happens. But lately, I've been better at maintaining my bronzed appearance, so I thought I'd share what I do and the products I use.


Before I tan, I ensure to exfoliate thoroughly. I use Soap & Glory's 'Flake Away' which I am absolutely in love with. It's so thick, and full of so many little.. granules? Beads? Words escape me! Anyway, lots of those. It lasts for ages too. As well as using this before I tan, I try to use it twice more in the week. Patchy tan is not nice. 

Available: Boots, £7
In between exfoliating and getting out of the bath and then applying the tan, I moisturise! Recently I've been using a Burberry Body Lotion from a 'Burberry London' gift set. My theory is that strong smelling lotions will over power the smell of fake tan. This is untrue. I'm also not at all impressed with the lotion as it takes FOREVER to sink in and dry, which annoys me generally in life, but when I'm tanning it infuriates me on a whole new level.
I tan once a week with St Moriz tanning mousse in 'dark.' Doing so in the evening. I'm a super duper pale person and the only reason I opted for dark was because it was the only one in the shop at the time, but now it's the only one I ever reach for. I love St Moriz because it gives a nice colour. It's a dark green brown when you apply it so you know you're going to look more olive-y than tangoed. It also dries quickly and is easy to apply. Plus it's £3, which is more reasonable than St Tropez's £30. I've used St Tropez in the Past and while I've liked it, I get the same effect from St Moriz.

Available: Wilkinsons, £3. In N. Ireland and Scotland it can be found in Semi-Chem for a similar price. also sell it for £2.99
I apply it with a St Moriz mitt which isn't amazing, but does the job. I then stand around for a while, willing it to dry. And it does so, quickly. I then wait a couple of hours and go to bed. When I wake up I am a rather alarmingly.. intense colour. I then hit the shower and the guide colour comes off, leaving me looking more natural-looking.

Available: Wilkinsons, £3

That is my weekly tanning routine which I make few deviations from. One thing I may mix it up with though, it 'Garnier Summer Body.' I honestly think this stuff is pretty much strong enough to use as a one-off tan. If I'm off somewhere and my tan is fading but it's not yet time to top it up, I stick this on the night before. As I said, it is strong, and if you're pale, you will notice this. I've never applied this more than twice in a row because that is enough for me. I have no idea what colour you'd be if you used this stuff everyday. One downside is that it never really dries properly on me. I've found this with all of the Garnier Moisturisers. Sad face.

Available: Boots, Superdrug etc., £7-ish (usually on sale)

So far, I've been able to get away with applying St Moriz to my face. But I'm pretty sure it's going to break me out at some point. In an attempt to possibly curtail this, I do not leave it on my face overnight, but wash it off before I sleep.

I then use Simple's 'Sun kissed' moisturiser. I use this every other day throughout the week.  This gives a really natural-looking tan when used on its own, without the St Moriz. So if you want a face tanner, I say this is a good one to go for. One thing though.. this is supposed to be for sensitive skin, which mine isn't. But this stuff makes me face BURN. I end up looking like a tomato. I don't have that problem with other moisturisers. I probably shouldn't use it?

To ensure I don't end up a splotchy, patchy mess, I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub before I tan, and then 2-3 times a week in between. I cannot even express my love for this product sufficiently. It is like rubbing sand on your face. In a good way.

Apricot Scrub: Boots, Superdrug etc. £3.99
Simple sun-kissed moisturiser: Boots, Superdrug etc. £4.99


If you get dry elbows/knees/any part of the body, this Body Shop Hemp Balm has really helped me to counteract these areas. I try to apply it as often as possibly (twice a day). That way, when it comes to tanning, you aren't going to get bright orange elbows. Unless you like bright orange elbows, in which case, forfeit moisturising them and rock that look!

Available: The Body Shop, £1


  1. I need one of those mitts!
    BTW Love you blog! :)
    Maybe we could follow eachother??!
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    1. Yes, mitts are so good for avoiding orange hands :) I'll check out your blog now x

  2. This seems like a great routine. i need to try a tanner with a green tint. it looks so much more natural that way.

    1. Yeah, if it looks green I feel like it's okay t apply loads and I won't look like a satsuma? I wouldn't want to ensue green though :S x

  3. great post :) i love fake tan lately, were not getting any real sunshine! Will check out the simple face moisturiser :) xx

    1. Where is the sun hiding?!? And yes, the simple moisturiser gives a really nice glow :) x

  4. St Moriz is amazing! It really does exactly the same as St Tropez, such a bargain! :) xx

    1. It's just so cheap. I don't understand. I've used really nasty ones that cost more than £15 so I think this stuff is amazing! X

  5. I really need to try the St Moriz, I've been using St Tropez but it's so expensive!
    Great post!

    1. St Tropez is really nice but sol expensive. I think it's nice for a treat, but I personally resent paying so much on a regular basis. You hit this stuff up. If it turns out you don't like it, it's only £3! X


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