Monday, 7 May 2012

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara | Review

Oh my, what a mouthful of a name!

I've decided that I'm not going to do Glossybox posts for a number of reasons. 1) I get it delivered to a different address and don't see the products for a while, making it impossible and 2) There are a plethora of them, most of which I read myself.  I take some kind of sick pleasure in seeing what everyone else's boxes contained.

However, I thought I would review individual products which come in the boxes after I have had an opportunity to use them and they stand out to me. Today is one of those days!

When I got my Harrods box I was fairly unimpressed- a perfume sample, a tiny moisturiser sample (actually worth a little over £20 because the full size costs a ridiculous amount), a cleanser sample which I'd been given several of for free before, a shower gel and a mascara. Wow, looks like I just did a mini glossybox post. Anyway, onto the mascara. I was pretty underwhelmed to receive it as I have several thousand (read: 8-10) mascaras which I am endeavouring to get through. As soon as I used the Lancome one however, my pile of others has been neglected (sorry mascaras). It is the best mascara I have ever used!

Oh dear. This is just the sample packaging, and in no way resembles the full size packaging :S

Obviously this mascara doesn't give the effect of wearing false lashes, and I refuse to believe any mascara ever will. But the look it does give is very dramatic. If you're not a fan of big lashes for the day then this might be a bit much, but I'm sure it's possible to achieve a tamer application. I haven't tried. I'm too into big lashes for every occasion. The S-shaped wand of this mascara is a little bit different than anything I've ever used before. It is loaded with bristles and picks up a LOT of product, which is something I think some people will hate. This does pose a major clump threat but I haven't had any problems thus far. It does, however, give my lashes volume which really is as important as length to me. I've worn this in the evening on a couple of occasions and I definitely think it is ideal for that purpose. After a day of wear my lashes still look good, no flaking or any other hideous mascara-related problems to be reported.

One view of the wand, not looking S-shaped

I've always been against buying a high end mascara, but unfortunately this one may push to it. I've always been happy with my Max Factor False Lash Effect, which up until now I thought was the best thing for my lashes. EVER. I was mistaken. I am both sad and happy about this. Happy because I can achieve better lashes and shopping at a department store is more fun than shopping in Boots, but sad because, well.. shopping at a department store is more expensive than shopping in Boots.

The S-shape of the wand.. with a lot of product on it!

I'm not sure how many ways I can say "It adds volume", "It totally lengthens", "It's really.. black," so I shall let the photo do its thing. Unfortunately the photos aren't great but hopefully they can demonstrate more than I can with words like "big" and "impressive."

Taken after a day of wear (side note: taking photos of your eye is not easy)

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