Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Topshop highlighter- Sunbeam | Review

I'm going through a bit of a highlighter obsession. I am the unlucky owner/wearer/VICTIM of dry skin. Yay. Therefore I find myself drawn to anything which can offer me a 'dewy' 'shimmery' complexion. Mmm. When swatching a few items in Topshop a couple of weeks ago, I saw this and stood there for a while loving it. I thought I'd be responsible and not buy it until I was sure I needed it (of course I NEED

Having returned to Topshop and snapped it up (with my student discount.. dropping it down from £10 to £9. Woah.) I can happily say that this is amazing and that everyone should own it- if you are in the market for a highlighter.

It's a really nice texture, very pigmented and looks so lovely on the skin. So, I guess it ticks all the boxes a highlighter should? It also comes in semi-cute packaging. I like the colour, I like the shape, I like how easily it opens.

It contains 6.6 grams of product so I'm sure this will last me forever, if I stop randomly swatching it every time I walk past it. It's just such a golden, shimmery, beautiful colour that I feel compelled to put my finger in it at least once a day. Gross.

Swatched heavily, medium-ly and then just a gentle dusting

This gets massive thumbs up from me. I have 'retired' my other highlighters to a drawer where all my neglected items go to feel neglected and am committed solely to this one until I next do a makeup rotation. That will be a sad day.


  1. I love this highlighter! Haven't bought it yet though as I have quite a few other ones I need to use up :) x

    1. I know what you mean, and highlighter take so long to use up don't they? Because you only use a tiny bit I swear it takes years to use them up!


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