Wednesday, 2 May 2012

NYC Blue Rose Lipstick | Review

I got this lipstick because it is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Show Orchid, a limited edition and now Pro lipstick. I'd been meaning to look into ordering it but decided first to google some dupes and lots of information came up for this one. I thought for £1.49 I would buy this, check I like it, and then look in to somehow getting Show Orchid (I'm lazy and phoning up MAC seems like a lot of effort). This is also my first (and only) product from NYC. Im really not a makeup snob but I've always veered away from the brand for some reason. So here are my thoughts on the lipstick.

The first superdrug that I looked for the lipstick in was sold out, along with about three quarters of the other colours. I'm not sure if they are really popular products, or if they shop was badly stocked. When I got to my second superdrug of the day, there was only one left, so I grabbed it quickly! So assuming both superdrug aren't just run poorly, I would imagine this could be a popular colour?

The colour of this lipstick is a GORGEOUS (!!) vivid blue purple. Although I don't have Show Orchid to compare it to, from side by side swatches I've seen, they look identical. The colour is very bright and as when the light catches it you can see the blue quite strongly. This is definitely and evening lipstick, or a day time LOOK AT ME lipstick. I reserve it for evenings.

The texture and pigmentation are lovely. It doesn't drag on the lips and one swipe packs on enough colour. However, the colour is not going to stay for very long. Drinking from a glass will leave it covered in the colour, although some still remains on your lips. So, this is a lot of upkeep. It costs £1.49 though, so is it that unexpected? If I'm not eating or drinking, this lasts for about 4 hours on me.

Swatched: 2-3 layers, 1 strong layer, 1 very light layer and just dabbed on lightly

Another gripe I have with this is the packaging. Ugh!! The bullet does not go all the way down, which while this might look nice in the packaging, does not bode well for keeping it in shape. I am very careful with this lipstick but I have still dented it more times than I care to remember. What a hideous design flaw. If you weren't careful and were doing your lipstick in a hurry you could easily break the bullet off completely. However, I do think the packaging looks OK, tacky, but OK. Just not functional.

The lid, which has lipstick all over it from where it hits the bullet every time I try to put it away

This is definitely one of my favourite colours to wear, and is up there with my MAC lipsticks for a "I want my lips to look cool" situation. Obviously at £1.49, you are not getting MAC quality, but if you like Show Orchid and are lazy like me and don't want to bother with the hassle of getting a pro lipstick, definitely give this a go. Yes, the packaging is terrible and you probably shouldn't kiss anyone while you're wearing it to avoid plastering it on their face, but it is a beautiful, fun colour, so why not?!

A quick, messy application

Weird picture? I find it annoying when lipsticks only 'stick to' the outside of my lip. Unfortunately I'm bad at explaining, but this lipstick covers the whole lip well, so you're not left with a horrible ring of colour!

For now my umm-ing and aah-ing over whether or not to get Show Orchid has been postponed!

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