Monday, 28 May 2012

NARS Gaiety vs. Sleek Pixie Pink | Comparison & review

Both NARS and Sleek are well known for their high quality blushes. Plus both of these blushes are pink.. so I thought that was reason enough to do a quick compare on them.

These are not dupes for each other, but they look fairly similar in the pan. On the skin, Gaiety is a lot cooler while Pixie Pink is a warmer, darker pink.

Sleek Pixie Pink, NARS Gaiety
NARS Gaiety, Pixie Pink

In terms of texture, I would say that Gaiety was a bit creamier but there isn't much difference. Both are well pigmented by Gaiety perhaps less so, meaning you can build it up.

Sleek Pixie Pink, NARS Gaiety

As you can see, the colours are completely different on the skin. Gaiety is much more of a bubble gum pink whereas Pixie Pink looks more fuschia to me.

I find Gaiety a lot nicer on my pale skin, but Pixie Pink is still a very nice colour. The quality of the two products is very impressive and consistent between the two- despite more than a £15 price difference.

NARS Gaiety, £21.00
Sleek Pixie Pink, £4.99


  1. both gorgeous blushes! thanks for your views :)

  2. Thank you for the comparison! It's really helpful!


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